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Classic Vegan Pancake Recipe

My idea of cooking is scrolling through the contact list on my phone until I find the desired take-away. In our house, Ian does the cooking. All of it. He’s really good too; I’d say at least 90% of our food is made from scratch with fresh ingredients – I’m a very lucky girl. I’ll spend hours in the kitchen happily baking and getting covered in flour, but cook? Ha! Never.

Everything in Moderation

Overall my diet is pretty good; I’m a firm believer of everything in moderation. I work out 6 days a week, eat fruit and veg every day, and thanks to MyFitnessPal, I effortlessly keep track of my food intake on a daily basis. But having a sweet tooth, I occasionally find myself craving pancakes. I don’t give into it all the time – I’d be the size of a house if I did – but sometimes, I think what the heck, as long as MyFitnessPal knows, who cares?! The only downside is my cravings hit when Ian’s at work, so I have to make them myself. I know; inconsiderate right?


The Recipe

When I feel the urge, I reach for this ever faithful recipe for classic pancakes from the cookbook, ‘How It All Vegan!’

225g/8oz plain flour

1 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda

1 teaspoon baking powder

475ml/16floz soy milk

2 tablespoons oil

Sliced fruit (garnish)

To start off, mix the dry ingredients together in a bowl, then, add in the milk and oil and mix again – carefully. To give your pancakes the best chance of going fluffy, don’t get too overzealous with the mixing part! The recipe recommends you add 175-250ml/6-8floz of the batter into a hot non-stick pan or lightly oiled frying pan and cover with a lid; I’ve never used a lid, so I can’t comment on whether it makes a difference to how the pancakes turn out. I never measure the batter out either, as I think pancake thickness is down to personal preference.


The Outcome

According to the recipe, the batter makes 2 or more servings, unfortunately, I have no idea what a serving is classed as. I know – I’m just full of useful information. As a general rule, I find the full mixture, cooked in a standard sized frying pan makes approximately 4-5 pancakes.

I’d also like to point out when I’m making them just for myself, I always halve the ingredients and end up with 2 pancakes – which is just enough to satisfy my craving (and keep MyFitnessPal happy).

What’s your sweet craving?

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