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    A Strenuous Hike Up Zwölferhorn Mountain

    In the morning sun the heat was excruciating. It made hiking up Zwölferhorn even harder than it already was, and each time we hit a patch of shade, we both let out a sigh…

    March 22, 2019
  • Travel Well-being

    Two Days Hiking in Postalm

    It was our first day visiting Postalm. As the toll booth attendant asked me for zwölf euro, I looked at her blankly. In my head, I frantically started counting in German hoping I would manage…

    January 31, 2019
  • UK Travel Well-being

    Exploring the Jurassic Coast

    The Jurassic Coast is 250 million years old, 95 miles long and England’s first natural World Heritage Site. This rugged landscape is probably most famous for Lulworth Cove which was left behind by the…

    July 13, 2018