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Walking Through Clouds {Mount Snowdon Descent}

As I looked out across the sea of clouds I realised I was on top of the world.

Apart from the warm glowing sun, the sky was devoid of anything. The last of the crowd boarded the train and I watched as it gently pulled away from the station. As it headed back down the mountain and off into the distance silence gradually fell upon my ears.

I stared out into the ocean blue sky and took a deep breath. As I released it I looked at Ian and smiled.




We were the only two people at the top of Mount Snowdon and we savoured it as best we could.

We grabbed a cup of coffee, took one last look at our surroundings and then headed back down the mountain. The air was cool as we started our descent and where possible I skipped towards the clouds, excited at the prospect of walking through them.

With my hair now damp in the moist air, I turned the conversation to the future. It’s times like this where we throw caution to the wind and start discussing the endless possibilities of life. What should we do in the next 6 months? 12 months? What do we want long term? The possibilities always seem endless and within reach.



The downhill walk was tough on my joints and the steeper the descent became the more I braced myself against the slope.

The camera gear we were carrying was definitely slowing us down, but it was worth it. Although this was a trip for business rather than pleasure I couldn’t help but feel a sense of satisfaction.

It’s not every day that someone pays you to go to the top of the world.

It also gave us the chance to see somewhere we’d wanted to visit for a while. Not the ideal way to see it, but it gave us a taste.


When things are tough, sometimes you just need to know that the hard work, long hours and sleepless nights are all worth it.

That day it definitely felt like it was.


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