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Fade To Black

Ian tells me I have the attention span of a goldfish and in some situations this is true. When choosing a film to watch my first question is, ‘how long is it’? If it happens to be longer than 90 minutes, the question is closely followed by a roll of my eyes and a sigh. If this is the case, expect frequent toilet breaks and lots of fidgeting.

As patience isn’t one of my virtues, this is how I felt about sunsets when I was younger. I never saw the point in sitting for hours and s…l…o…w…l…y watching as the sky faded to black; a bit like watching the credits roll at the end of a film. As I’ve got older, my mind-set has changed and I’ve learnt to slow down a bit. I appreciate some of the smaller things in life; sunsets being one of them.



I think it helps being a photographer because I don’t just have to sit and watch; I can satisfy my constant need to do something. I get to watch and document. That being said, I would love to say that I turn up and gaze in amazement as I witness the sky go through a kaleidoscope of colours.



In reality it’s more like car crash TV. Forever being 5 minutes late means that I shout at Ian to put my tripod up while I’m sorting the settings on my camera; followed by more screams that I’m going to miss it. Finally, after what seems like an eternity, I settle down and watch as the array of colours unfold; the evening glow disappears and the sky fades out to black.


It’s a bit like watching the credits at the end of a film; which by the way, I’ve also learnt to appreciate.


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