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Exploring Delamere Forest

Walking through woodland is something I will never tire of. Sometimes I march with intent like I’m on a mission of some description; although what exactly, I’m not entirely sure. Other times I meander. If I’m alone I wander aimlessly, camera in hand taking photographs of things that take my fancy. If I have company, I’m probably the worst companion ever; I wander off the well-trodden path, oblivious to conversations that are mid-way through. My eye is drawn from one shiny thing to the next and like a child with a new toy; I always find something more interesting with each step that I take.


Within reach by car in

under an hour, Delamere Forest is close enough to visit with the intention of wiling away a few hours. Yet in reality, once engrossed in the enchanting woodland, it’s easy enough to lose yourself for a day. Waterproof? Water? Lucozade and packed lunch? Check, check, check and check. Ready for adventure? Erm…check!




This is what happened last week. My friend Ste and I packed up and headed out. The weather was grey, overcast and rainy but it didn’t matter. Who needs sun when you have a waterproof and big trees to block out the falling rain? Along the way we managed to stumble upon the café where we grabbed a hot drink and watched the world go by. But when the ear piercing screams of shrieking children became too much, we headed back out to the calmness of the woods and welcomed the cool damp air.







By the end of the day blue sky started to appear above us; the clouds of grey were finally clearing and the sun twinkled between the rustling leaves.



Happy Monday


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